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FukuShop Have Moved to A New Site

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March 2, 2009

We have moved! |

We have moved to FukuShop.netFinally! It's finish, done, complete. Well at least part of it. *smiles.
FukuShop have moved to a new site which can be found here :

By upgrading, we will able to maintain a lot more item in the future plus provide excellent services to our beloved FukuShoppers.
As for this moment, we no longer maintaining this site (blogspot). Sad but true. All FukuShoppers will be moved to the new site. Unfortunately, you need to register as a member (again) to enjoy RM2 discount and freebies - soon !

The new FukuShop will have lot more features. Go on check out the new site and check out the new look. Thanks to our FukuShoppers (you!) support, we be able to upgrade ourselves and will improve more services in the future.
All the latest updates already posted at the new site, do check them out. All the item that are still available here will be moved soon.

Remember, if you want your Fuku on the net, check out! <- We like saying this.*smiles.
That's all, can wait to see you guys at the new site! Hope too see you soon!

Best Regards,
FukuShop Support Team