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November 23, 2008

Get price reduction on FukuShop item

Facebook Promotion on FukuShop
Dear beloved FukuShoppers,

We have a very cool promotion. We very aware that most of us own a FaceBook. Do you? Well, we have a pretty awesome promotion for FaceBook users.
By joining our FaceBook group, you will be entitled for RM 1 price reduction on item bought from FukuShop (not applicable on discounted item). Entry is easy-peasy. Just join us on our group and we will deduct the total sum on your next purchase per purchase. That was easy right.

And you got to join our group! What you've got to lose then. Join us now.

If you've not seen join group option on the Group, you need to change your regional settings to Malaysia, since we only accept Malaysians (sorry).
Here's how :
  • Go to Settings tab > Account Setting > Network > Set your Region
But, if you don't own a FaceBook; don't be sad.

Join us by mailing list
You can get price reduction also by subscribing to us. Meaning you'll get email every time FukuShop updates. All you have to do just click the link below and enter your email and confirm your subscription on your mailbox.
That's it. Neat.

How about if I do both?
You'll get RM 2 price reduction then (only on first purchase after joining). Super-awesome!

Any extra benefit?
Simply put, once you join FukuShop group and subscribe to our mail, you'll become official FukuShoppers. After you join us, your first purchase after joining will entitled for RM2 off and every next purchase will entitle for RM1 off. Forever.

Come join us now and get low-price item from FukuShop at lower price.