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October 14, 2008

Tight Pants (*new)

In our attempt to make a sold our tight pants last time, we have stumble across complaint that our tights are too small (yes, we take complaints very seriously). Check them out.
Since we our policy is not covering refunds and exchange, we tried to make all the visual as clear as possible. Photos below are guideline of what exactly our tights will look on you.

Model wears : White Sexy (F101-05) and Pink Tight (F102-01) - photos above

On our model, the tight will fit perfectly between legs and sits nicely above ankle (3 inch from ground).
Even though every tights are made from stretch material (to stretch? step on tight while wearing - but regular stretching will cause stretch marks. proceed at own risk.), we just trying to provide more info to our beloved customer.

Moving on, we have updated our tights collection with more colors! Please note that this collection are different with previous tights. Please check item code before ordering. These are pricier by RM2 but thicker material.

Item Code : F102-01 (photos above)
Available Color :
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Pink
Available Size : Free - Size
Price : RM 18

This is our previous collection :

Item Code : F9201 | Show me this collection
Available Color :
  • Black
  • Brown
Available Size : Free - Size
Price : RM 16

Send us a request if you want to see detailed photos of Codename : Tight.